Monday, February 21, 2005

Safe and Sound

Well safe and sound in Lyon. Snow on the ground and still snow showers around. It will only warm to a little above freezing here today. Please excuse typos for the next month or so as I am having to use a French keyboard and a lot of letters are in a different place that an on an English one. Sorry to hear about Hunter Thompson as he always seemed to get to the heart of the matter. Maybe the old saw about genius and insanity being just a thought apart is true. We've lost a special mind.
TOday is basically a through away as the team gets out security passes etc. We are not allowed to connect our laptops the the clients network and they, instead, are providing us with a PC (Win98) aarrgh. Interconnect with the team will be with thumb drives. Do have some access to the internet but it is heavily restricted by the client...I was actually surprised to be able to hit blogger. Anyhow off we go to get our security badges and lunch.

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