Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's the Plan

From the AJC this morning.

Lake Lanier on Monday night dropped to its lowest point since the reservoir was constructed in the 1950s.

The lake hit 1,052.64 feet above sea level, about 11 feet below average.

The old record of 1,052.66 was set in December 1981, also during a severe drought. The next year, an El Nino weather pattern pumped monsoon-like rains into the metro region and refilled the lake within six months.

That's unlikely to happen this time. The opposite weather pattern is in effect, La Nina, which typically creates a warmer, drier winter here.

There is a story about metro Atlanta's water crisis in the news everyday. Everyday there are news stories about how to conserve water. What is bothering me is that there is no talk or discussion about what will happen when I turn on my faucet in a few months and nothing comes out. No one, that I know of, has mentioned a plan for the almost guaranteed event that we will have no water in three or four months no matter how much we conserve. Currently the metro area uses about 17.5 millions gallons a day. That is a lot of water and how in the hell are we going to replace it? You can't truck in that much water a day so what are we going to do?

Personally, I have been preparing for a couple of weeks for the emergency. Experts say that in an emergency you can get by on about a gallon of water a day per person for drinking and cooking. That doesn't include water for flushing, bathing and laundry...just survival. I have been buying one gallon jugs of spring water at Publix ($.87/gal) and so far I have a weeks worth for Madam and I. I will continue this practice for a while but the question is how much will be enough and where will I store it? With the current long range forecast saying we will suffer drought conditions for another year or more am I supposed to invest in 800 gallons of water which would be enough for the two of us for a year?

It might seem an overreaction but I am beginning to believe that it soon will be everyone for themselves because I sure don't see the government accepting the reality. Well, Governor Sonny Perdue did pray for rain last week and we got less than a quarter of an inch a day later so there is something being done, I guess. Maybe I should just relax and let our Fairy Sky Father deal with it. There are an awful lot of good Christians here in Georgia as evidenced by our attempts to ban Harry Potter and Beatrix Potter and after all didn't Shrub carry this state with a huge margin. No Worries!

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