Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rains Here

Finally getting some serious rain from TS Fay. Real frog strangler going on right now at 830p and enough to block part of the satellite TV signal. Few showers today but nothing to right home about but this one is going strong. The Sugar Snap(mangetout) peas, Snow Peas, carrots and radishes I planted yesterday are enjoying a nice drink and this will surely wake them and get them going. I can just see them now...snuggling down in the soil and soaking up the water and thinking "show time!".

Nice Sunday meal today with the daughter and son-in-law. Just as I threatened, along with the Poulet Rouge I served fried green tomatoes. Believe it or not SIL had never eaten any and he claims to be a southern boy. Never mind, he is anointed now and has added FGT to his repertoire. Daughter still won't eat them but if you heat a vegetable it is verbotten in her book. The rest of the menu consisted of butter peas and buttermilk cornbread with deep dish apple pie and ice cream for dessert. BTW the red chicken was very nice and well worth the trouble to acquire. Yes, there was less breast meat than on an industrial chicken but the thighs were bigger and the legs as well. Most of all it tasted remarkedly like chicken!

Can't believe its another Monday tomorrow...if I don't see you before breakfast, help yourself to a croissant. ( excuse the serving dish it was a bit primitive in the farmhouse)

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