Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Rambles

Just a light sprinkle early this morning from Fay. Sure would like to relieve some you Redneck Riviera of some of that rain. We need it in the worst way. Doesn't look like there will be enough rain or whatever to keep me out of the garden today. Been overcast and windy for the last two days and I keep expecting something only to be disappointed.

The mouthbreathers have appeared in the neighborhood as I say two McSame signs in yards this morning on my walk. Didn't notice them yesterday. Don't these people know that these signs for McAncient are just like putting up a sign in the yard that says "I'm stupid and proud of it!"?

Got up early this morning and went to Whole Foods to try and score a Poulet Rouge Fermier. They only get a few each Friday from the grower and they go quickly. Lucked out this morning as I got one of the remaining three. You can check out the link above but they are a heritage breed from France and are grown in as close to a "free-range" environment as you are likely to find unless you grow your own or your neighbor does. From what I have been able to ascertain these folks get as close as is possible in today's industrial food business to getting it right. The chickens sure do taste a lot better than even the premium "Rosie" chickens now showing up in the markets.

Going to pull up all the tomatoes and put in my fall garden this weekend. There are still a few green tomatoes hanging on but not enough to worry about and besides one has to have at least one batch of Fried Green Tomatoes in a summer. Maybe with the red chicken tomorrow.

Started the other book I bought for the trip yesterday...Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, I have read his previous The Power of Now and thought it worthwhile. My only argument with him is that he makes tackling your ego sound like some kind of simple intellectual excercise instead of the lifelong experience it actually is. Nevermind...if it gets people thinking about the subject of overcoming our ego's and actually moving in that direction I have no problem with it. The reality is that he is making me refocus and that is something I need with the world in the state it is in. It seems everything out there is trying to reinforce the false, ego driven state. This can't hurt.

Hope all you folks in the Florida panhandle have your pants rolled up and your storm kits stocked. Be safe.

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