Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Leaves Are Calling

It is an absolutely glorious fall day and I have made my dutiful trip to Kroger(it's seniors day). I am all stocked for the next week with the exception of a Trader Joe's run for yogurt, nuts and 3 buck chuck. I am now going to go outside and take advantage of the weather and move leaves from the front and back yard to the garden. If the weather forecast holds true the garden should be dry enough to till in the leaves by the weekend and I can finally get the garlic in the ground. All of the peas I put in before the rains were washed away or just flat drowned and there are only a few peas vines to be seen. Rats! I will need to decide if it is too late to try another planting. We still haven't had a frost yet and if the ground stays warm enough(and dry enough) I might just get winter peas.

Go outside and enjoy the day too!

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