Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make It Safe

I just came in from harvesting leeks for the soup. I'm busy prepping for the feasting tomorrow. Cutting up veges, making pie crust, making soup and all that. I try and get as much grunt work done the day ahead and then all I have to do is assemble things. Things like pies need to be done the same day but soup is just as good or better having rested overnight. The veges for the lamb can wait in a zip bag overnight as well.

It's not to late, if your able, to donate to your local food bank and every little bit helps.

If you are traveling for the holiday try and be safe and have a nice trip. You'll be glad to know that the Goddess has gotten together with the FSM and they have declared tomorrow a special 'half the calories' day. So tomorrow you can have that extra helping of mashed potatoes or that second piece of pumpkin pie without guilt.

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