Monday, October 18, 2010

Madam's Birthday

Today is Madam's birthday. A friend took her out to lunch and shopping and I am cooking one of her favorite meals tonight. Grilled lamb chops, grilled asparagus, potatoes Anna and for dessert an apple tart from just picked Georgia apples. She has had a thing for lamb chops since she was a kid and living with her parents for a few years in Greece so it is always her choice when asked what she wants as a special meal. She had a choice of creme caramel for dessert or the apple tart and she opted for the apples since a friend brought us a bag from their mountain trip this weekend.

I also cooked her a German dinner last night of bratwurst, sauerkraut(homemade) and steamed potatoes and the michbrot I made yesterday which turned out very nice. She might be from Texas but her German family from the hill country never lost their love of German food though they did add BBQ and TexMex into the mix and her good German dad could cook up some mean enchiladas and was no slouch around the BBQ either.

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