Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mumble, Mumble

Finally quit storming and raining. We dodged the worst of it but North of us got whacked (North Carolina)...very strange weather for October. It was almost like it was the remnant of a tropical storm.

I actually went for a job interview this morning. Nothing much and just part time. Madam mentioned that I was getting "hermity" so I thought I might just find something to while away a few hours and get out among 'em. Since the job involves handling money I have to have a background check, credit check and I went and peed in a cup this morning as well( I sure hope they don't test for Cabernet Sauvignon!). We'll see what  comes of it.

In honor of being accused of being a hermit and since Madam was hinting that she needed cookies with her Trader Joe's French Vanilla ice cream (very nice ice cream BTW) I baked her a batch of Hermits yesterday. She pronounced them acceptable and it is really nice to smell those spicy things baking. One of the great cookie recipes of all time.

I blew off cooking dinner last night and we just had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and salad though they were made with Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar and homemade semolina sourdough. Tonight I decided to make amends for last night's rough grub by making a slow cooked Italian meat sauce which is on the stove now and smelling very good. This one is hot Italian sausage based and using some of my home canned tomatoes from last year and sauce from this year. We canned a lot of damn tomatoes last year! The cool air is back after the storms so a big plate of whole grain spaghetti with meat sauce will be nice and yes there will be Cabernet involved.

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