Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Consistency Kills

Mark Morford is worth reading today. He uses Coke's Simply Orange orange juice as the symbol of our spiritually poisoned world.

Not only Coke and their Minute Maid and Simply Orange brands but PepsiCo and their Tropicana engineer the hell out of the product. The orange season is only a few months long but through marketing and betting on the ignorance of consumers these and many other Big Ag companies have convinced the public that there are no seasons and that things like "fresh" orange juice is available every day of the year. The OJ you buy in February is going to taste the same as the OJ you by in August regardless of drought, flood or whatever. Of course orange juice is just one example of the disconnect American consumers have with the sources of their food. No one seems to be upset that there are always apples, oranges, grapes, bananas and everything else always at the market at any time of year. Everyone seems to have forgotten the joy of seasons when it comes to the food available. The first tomato of summer, the first crisp cucumber or the first autumn apple. It is a shame.

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