Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Still Winter

Obviously the groundhog thing is crap. Still seriously winter here in the Atlanta area and for sure in the Great Plains. First day off of four (yey!!) and it's windy and cold and we got a boatload of rain last night with more expected today. At least another week or more before things in the garden might dry enough to till....rats. Seedlings are starting to emerge and my schedule says plant the tomatoes, eggplant and some other things this week. Going to have to make room in the heated space under the lights for them and a lot of the pepper seeds haven't peeped through yet. Looks like the extension ladder on saw horses again.

Such a nasty day it is hard to work up enough spit to head out for the gym but I haven't been since Thursday so I must. Then I will come home and do some more seeds. I know it is silly but I get really excited to see those dry little, seemingly inert, little specks of stuff explode into living things. It is just so improbable and amazing.

Tomorrow I am using one of my off days to finally go to the doctor and have the A1C and lipids checked and get Madam doctor to give me a cursory check....overdue. It will be interesting to see her reaction though, since the last time I saw her I was about 80 pounds heavier. I have probably also added about 20-25 pounds of muscle during that time.  I think she will be pleased and I hope pleased enough that with good blood test results she will permit me to stop the last of the medication for blood sugar control and hypertension. I already quit the Lipitor(without permission) about 6 months ago and I'll be interested to see if my diet has kept things under control. Fingers crossed.

Off to the gym.


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