Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To Hell with Quick

Got the latest issue of Cook's the other day and they were touting a "fast" boeuf bourguignon and of course I perused the recipe. It is one of my favorite things and I was curious to see what ghastly steps they had taken to make it "quick". It's ugly. Everything from browning the meat in the oven as well as the mushrooms and onions and adding gelatin to the sauce. I won't be trying the "quick" way I can assure you. What's more I went right out and bought some beef, and mushrooms and am making a batch right now...the Julia Child Way.

I mean really! Part of the fun of such dishes is the time and trouble and care it takes to make. I enjoy cooking and every once in a while it is a lot of fun to take on a classic recipe and make the effort and have it turn out great.

I will admit that even though I follow Julia's guidance for the recipe I do occasionally go off the reservation at the very end. In addition to the sauteed onions and mushrooms I will add pan roasted marble sized potatoes(when I can get them). It brings a little carb to the dish and I will get to avoid noodles(which I adore). The dish should be served with fresh egg noodles but I am still watching the carb intake.

There are plenty of quick recipes out there you can whip up in a few minutes but some things just need to be done the old fashioned way. This is one and so is cassoulet for that matter.


karmanot said...

"and adding gelatin to the sauce." Yuck! May they roux the day.

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