Monday, August 19, 2013

Dribble, Dribble On My Head

So as is my routine, I was up about 2:30 this morning to go to the bathroom and as I was standing there I felt a drop of something on my head. Strange. I turned on the light and looked up and there was a steady drip, drip of water coming from the bathroom fan and the unmistakable stain on the ceiling. Rats. Judging from the noise coming from the gutters last night it was a pretty good frog strangler and it's still raining but, for the moment, pretty light but I guess a trip to the Depot is in order to get roof cement or whatever. If it does, by chance, quit raining long enough I will check the roof over the bathroom and slap a little more goop on the vent penetration which is where the water is probably coming in.

I was so looking forward to these three straight days off. So much to do in the garden but now it has rained for the first two. Not so much done so far.

Why does this stuff always happen when you are expecting the arrival of a house guest in a couple of days?

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