Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Night

Tonight is the last night with our friends from the UK. Unfortunately, I have to work from 5 to 10p but I will see them in the morning before they head to the airport. The roofer just left and I should be good to go on the roof leaks...all the boots replaced and new shingles around.

I made a quick tomato sauce for pasta for everyone's dinner (except mine!). It'll be up to Madam to do the pasta and salad and whatever when they get back from their excursion. I guess my dinner will be a banana and some pistachios though I am going to have a couple of peanut butter crackers before I head off in a few minutes.

Miss Betty seems none the worse for wear from her chocolate eating adventure but it is toxic to dogs. Maybe she threw it up quick enough to minimize the effects?

Our last beagle ate a whole Whitman's Sampler one Christmas(except for the Jordan almonds) and survived many more years. Once nice side effect was all the glittery poop for a couple days from the foil wrappers.

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karmanot said...

Rotfl----that last line. Reminded of the time Harry Hound ate a phosphorescent dog toy and wondering later why his dog poop glowed in the dark.