Monday, August 26, 2013

New Dog Trick

Betty the Beagle has learned a new trick. She has discovered that if you tug on the dining room table cloth that all kinds of nice treats just come raining down within easy reach. Madam and our guests headed out early for downtown to visit Minimonk, have a nice lunch and ride the new Skyview ferris wheel. I was out at the gym when they left and I came home to find the chocolate cake, apple tart and assorted other goodies scattered around the dining room and living room. There was good chunk of cake and some apple slices and , of course the bakery papers from the take away cake boxes and the plastic wrap from the apple tart left over from dinner last night. The only thing left on the table was a bowl of fruit and a slice of red velvet cake and a bakery box of cookies. Another good tug would have gotten that as well.

After cleaning up that mess I went to the bedroom to change from my workout clothes and discovered even more chocolate covered bakery papers, crumbs and a nice pile of chocolate barf with kibbles. She looks a little "hang dog" but I don't think she feels all that bad about it.

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karmanot said...

Can't help but laugh and love em! :-)