Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Have A Great 2014

Happy New Year everyone. Even though there is no astronomical or other overriding reason to celebrate on this particular day, everyone seems to have agreed on it so we will too. It would make a lot more sense to celebrate the Winter Solstice but then that would give us Pagans too much cred and we can't have that.

Anyhow, true to form Madam and I and Zoey were sound asleep when the New Year rolled in here on the East Coast. I did have a nice bottle of Proseco chilled just in case these two olds made it to midnight but there is bound to be an excuse for it sometime soon.

2014 brings some changes around here. I mentioned that I had resigned from Home Depot and now I am "officially" retire. Hopeful to get some serious gardening done. I've also resolved to get more diligent with my guitar so we'll see.

I hope everyone has a great year ahead. We've has some hints at progress toward a better world during 2013 but not nearly enough action and I'm afraid with the same old players in place we won't see much this year either. Regardless, I am setting a goal for myself to do better at making at least my part of the world a better place. You do the same.

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