Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lost Month

January 2014 is turning into a completely lost month. As I mentioned I have had a recurrence of the hernia which was supposed to be fixed by the surgery last July. Somehow it has come back and it is actually more uncomfortable than the event before the last surgery. Basically, I am down and out since the surgeon said "oops!" on the 31st of December. The second surgery is scheduled for Friday so after a few weeks of restrictions and recovery I should be OK for the spring gardening season...fingers crossed.
So anyway, I have been a slug for the past two weeks and it looks like the rest of the month will be pretty slow as well. I am getting some reading done but not much else. Watching a bit of TV but there doesn't seem to much rewarding there other than a few cooking shows that I haven't seen at least twie or three times. Not a lot of original content on the Food Network or Food Channel.
Not much in the news to get excited about either.....
West Virginia is a national disgrace when in comes to the environment and is completely at the mercy of big coal. Surprise!
The New Jersey governor is a bully.
Conservatives are living in a completely different reality than the rest of us.
Congress is a disgrace.
No one is going to do anything to slow or reverse climate change.
People that are carrying weapons on the street legally are crazy and not to be trusted.
Dare I go on?

On a good note I have a bunch of seed catalogs that are wetting my appetite for some gardening fun.
Oh! I don't miss working at Home Depot.

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