Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It Snows

The forecasters were correct and it is, in fact, snowing here in the Northern burbs of Atlanta. Nowhere to go so we are good just to watch it come down....looks like we have about an inch so far and maybe will get another before it stops this evening.

Spent most of yesterday up and about but I might have pushed a little too hard as I am having some muscle spasms in the incision area today. Going to take it easy today and enjoy the snow.

Madam, against specific instructions never to buy meat at Kroger, drug home some pork loin chops. I'm thinking they will wind up in some kind of stew with a Latin spin. Kroger pork is labeled "Moist and Tender" which is code for injected with up to 15% saline solution. The added saline actually makes the pork dry out faster when cooking but it does allow them to sell you water at pork prices. A slow braise is the only thing that has a chance of counteracting the effects of the saline injection.

If you are getting winter weather be safe and warm.

Oh, Miss Zoey is not impressed with her first snow.

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