Sunday, March 09, 2014

Brilliant Weekend

Super weather this weekend and as a result a pretty productive weekend for the gardening. Got two beds of potatoes planted (Yukon Gold, Kennebec) and that includes turning the beds and all the prep. I also got two beds of peas planted(Green Arrow-regular green peas and Super Sugar Snap which is a mange tout) and again that meant getting the beds turned and amended as well.

A lot of stuff now sprouted and moved to the greenhouse...all the herbs, zinnas and marigolds, all the peppers and eggplant. It supposed to be nice until the end of the week when the nighttime temps are going to be pushing the freezing point again. I think I will be OK.

Moving all the trays to the greenhouse left me room under the lights in the basement to get all the myriad tomatoes started. Going to go with Celebrity again this year as the main season tomato with Better Boy as the secondary. Trying the new Super Saucer from Burpee for sauce but I am backing myself up with the heirloom Amish Paste. Two new heirlooms this year...Stupice which originated in Eastern Europe and I am hoping it will be like the small tomatoes you get in Europe with breakfast...about two inches across and just right for broiling. The other is Jasper and it is a black tomato. Of course there are going to be Cherokee Purple and Beam's Yellow pear as well.

I've got a lot of beds to build and the weather seems to be working in my favor for a change. I'll see how many I can get built this week. Each bed requires 22 cinder block and the requisite trip to Home Depot for said block. I can haul 22 in the Explorer but I couldn't haul enough for 2 beds in one trip. If I wasn't so cheap I would have the blocks I need delivered but I'll just do it the hard way.

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