Saturday, March 19, 2005

I Have Escaped

Whilst I am still shell shocked by a 21 hour travel nightmare I am, in fact, back from France after four weeks. The client decided they needed a few more weeks of preparation before opening their checkbook again. Suits. I may even get to a day or so of the Master's now.
Let's hope that the blog will have a little more activity now that I will have full Internet access and some time to surf and write.

BTW. If I don't remember later, I want to tell you how mad I am at Delta for suddenly changing my seat from an aisle (which was specifically requested and granted) to the center seat in the center section for the 9 hour flight from Paris to Atlanta. Is this the gratitude for the loyalty over the years? Do you expect to keep the loyalty this way? I might expect to be treated this way if I were only an part time traveller but I am a Platinum Medallion and have been pretty much every year for 20 years. Thanks.

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