Sunday, March 13, 2005

Nurse Ratchet Spins

How is Karen honey going to spin this?

"The two terrorists died while in American custody of self inflicted wounds. Valiant attempts to revive them were in vain even the direct transfusions of cherished American blood."

"Two known Al Qaeda suspects committed suicide today in Afghanistan rather that reveal the exact location of the upcoming dirty bomb attack on some midwestern American town."

"Interupted while plotting another cowardly terrorist attack on America, two Al Qaeda suspects where killed by a 19 year old Army reservist while she was on routine patrol. Military police specialist Christy Lee White from Denton, Texas said she saw saw the two men drawing pictures of Idaho in the sand and knew right away they were planning an attack using Weapons of Mass Destruction on her country. Christy is soon to be transferred to Iraq for duty at the Abu Ghraib prison where she hopes to apply the lessons she as learned so well in Afghanistan."

I give up.. I obvioulsy don't have the "God Given" talent of Madame Hughes.

The real story from The New York Times

Two Afghan prisoners who died in American custody in Afghanistan in December 2002 were chained to the ceiling, kicked and beaten by American soldiers in sustained assaults that caused their deaths, according to Army criminal investigative reports that have not yet been made public.

. . . The attacks on Mr. Dilawar were so severe that "even if he had survived, both legs would have had to be amputated," the Army report said, citing a medical examiner. The reports, obtained by Human Rights Watch, provide the first official account of events that led to the deaths of the detainees, Mullah Habibullah and Mr. Dilawar, at the Bagram Control Point, about 40 miles north of Kabul. The deaths took place nearly a year before the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Among those implicated in the killings at Bagram were members of Company A of the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion, from Fort Bragg, N.C. The battalion went on to Iraq, where some members established the interrogation unit at Abu Ghraib and have been implicated in some abuses there.

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