Thursday, March 31, 2005

Living Will Time

As a public service I am providing a link to a site that can provide guidance and the actual forms necessary for you to have a “living will” otherwise known as an AHCD (Advance Health Care Directive) or you can Google your own. Now I wouldn’t have even thought of this just a week ago but now that we have seen what legions of insane, fanatical, jumped-by-Jesus born-again idiots and right-to-lifers can do to the world; I think it is a necessary thing.

While these hypocrites are killing and wounding thousands of our own soldiers and killing and maiming untold numbers of Iraqis and Afghans they are rabidly praying and threatening judges and whoever disagrees with them with death for not allowing a once vital human, now vegetable, die with dignity. We now have clear evidence that these rabid evangelicals and congresspersons and right-to-life Bushys, without a shred of true spirituality, ethics or even commonsense, will have no problem, whatsoever, in deciding exactly what needs to happen to you or your loved one’s body regardless of the law, if they think otherwise or they can make a buck.

All you have to do is fill out the simple form and designate an agent, This can be your spouse, parent or an informed friend that you trust to make health care decisions for you. After filling out the form make a bunch of copies and sign them in the presence of a couple witnesses who understand the importance of what is happening. Keep one in your personal file and if you have an attorney give them one as well. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to spread a few more around among some trusted friends and family either.

Do this now, regardless of how well you might feel or you just might find yourself the unwitting player in a political shit storm and have a bunch of psuedoreligious whackos saying prayers over your helpless ass while threatening your loving wife or husband with murder if they interfere.

I cannot tell you how damn serious this is. There is a giant black cloud over this country and a horde of hypocrisy soaked, rapture fearing, misguided and sanctimonious zealots are trying to force their beliefs down everyone else’s throat. If you don’t want this bunch telling you how to enter the next phase of existence or even stopping you from entering it according to your desires, seriously consider the AHCD. Remember, these people don’t care if you are Zen Buddhist Wiccan Hedonist free thinking sinner who has his or her own ideas about what heaven and hell should be or just a moderate Christian who wonders what has happened to your religion. Hell, they wouldn’t care if your Jesus Fucking Christ his ownself. Once they latch their hypocritical claws on to you and start praying your pleasant trip to Nirvana will turn to shit and the pigs will eat it.

Trust me on this.

Thanks to Mark Morford for the link and the idea.

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