Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No Way-No How!

Over at Mahablog Maha is discussing the marketing of the candidates for 2008. He mentions the so called "National Security Democrats" and how all the front runners are in this camp. He references Matt Taibbi in the New York Press and has the following quote.

In the midst of all of this, the Democratic Party is preparing its shiny new 2008 position on Iraq and terror. Described in Goldberg's New Yorker article, the political plan is centered around a new faction that calls itself the "National Security Democrats" (a term coined by that famous liberal, Richard Holbrooke) and is led by revolting hair-plug survivor Joe Biden. The position of the "National Security Democrats" is that the party should be "more open to the idea of military action, and even preemption" and that the Democrats should "try to distance themselves from the Party's Post-Vietnam ambivalence about the projection of American power." Additionally, the Democrats ought to reconsider their traditional stance as an opposition party and learn to embrace Republican heroes like Ronald Reagan. ...

It would be easy to dismiss the Biden revival as a cheap stunt by a discredited party hack with all the national appeal of the streptococcus virus, except for one thing. Biden's "national security" camp includes all four of the expected main contenders for the Democratic nomination—Biden himself, Hillary Clinton, Indiana senator Evan Bayh, and John Edwards. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, another outside contender, is also a member of this camp. We are going to be hearing a lot about "National Security Democrats" in the next three years.

I can't tell you what a bad idea this is. I am not sure how we change the electorate but I can tell you that becoming war mongers is not the right way. We on the left know this with all our hearts. We know with reason and compassion we can do better than the other guys. We just have to figure out how to show the majority that moral values are not just abortion and gay marriage but about jobs,healthcare and peaceful resolutions to the worlds's problems. I for one will not vote for anyone that supports the concept of right through might and that threats of violence are the answers to today's problems. No way no how.

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