Tuesday, March 29, 2005

They're Kidding, Right?

Here is a link to an article by a philosophy professor in Florida that is very dis-heartening. Now that the main stream media are under Rove's thumb they are turning on the last opportunity for young people to actually learn and validate, repudiate, or modify what they have learned. Evidently this movement in Florida is just one of many similar ones initiated by conservative David Horowitz’s.

Here is a snippet:
Philosophers have a long tradition of questioning conventional norms and popular beliefs. Socrates was accused by the mob for being unpatriotic because he didn’t believe war with Sparta and the poorly planned Sicilian invasion were good ideas. As it turned out, he was right and they were wrong. Athens was demolished. He was promptly executed on trumped up charges, “Corrupting the Youth” and “Atheism” (gee, that sounds familiar!). In other words, Socrates was found guilty for being a critic of society, which made him an “enemy of the state.”

The intended goal of this bill is to allow students the opportunity to express FOXTV lies or misinformation, and their conservative views, in the classroom without teachers getting in the way. If the teachers challenge their Limbaugh or Hannity views, then the teacher will be sued, tarred & feathered and thrown into prison in the name of “Academic Freedom.” Oh, and let’s not forget the Hemlock

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