Friday, March 25, 2005

Keep the Faith

Mark Morford's column this morning is not a happy one. He has zeroed in on something that has been riding on the edge of my conciousness for a while and I just didn't take the time or energy to ferret it out. Here are a few snippets but, as usual, he is always worth reading in the whole.
"Just look around. No one anywhere, not priests, not nuns, not healers or mystics, not Christians, not pagans, not Repubs or Demos or Libertarians, no one anywhere in this country is saying, hey, doesn't it feel like we're entering into a new era of health and healing and positivism and spiritual rebirth? Aren't our schools just teeming anew with eager students who seem to be getting smarter and more articulate? Isn't the air getting cleaner and aren't we proud of our government for protecting the health of future generations by pushing for more natural foods and signing on to the Kyoto Treaty and advocating antitoxin regulations and by protecting our forests and improving school textbooks and revolutionizing the hideous national health care system?"
"There's a reason for that. We are not headed for light. Not yet, anyway. The coming years are not going to be about friendship and repaired foreign relations and a sense of our shared humanity, about equality and sexual freedom and a renewed sense of human rights. To believe this is to believe in fairy tales almost as insidious and hopeless as evangelical Christians who are right now stuffing themselves with Cheez-Its and pink wine and praying for Armageddon."

As Mark says a little further on, about all one can do is stoke up the Karmic fire, radiate as much positive force as you can and pray to the goddess that she helps you dodge the biggest turds that are screaming our way.

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