Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, Friday

As I mentioned in an earlier post this has been a tough week all around but I have finished my training and while I resent having to absorb about 10 days worth of material in 4 I am glad I got a chance to spend some time exploring the new product. It is definitely cutting edge and even though it is "technically" not GA(not officially released) we are already implementing at two very large 'marquee' type clients. One of these clients was in the middle of implementing a competitor's product(one that has been in the space for 12 years or more) when we announced we were entering the market and demoed the prototype. It is always nice to replace the competition...especially in a highly visible account and potentially global account. Our new product is really slick technically with integrations to Google Earth and some other internet services like traffic and weather. With all the maps and other stuff it is impressive. I am going to have to readjust my thinking to 'real-time' instead of batch which might be tough.

Anyhow, going to take the afternoon off and do something besides work. We are moving our office this weekend and the network and all associated stuff like email is down. I might even leave my 'Crackberry' at home! See you guys later.

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