Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Newt May be Back

Bummer. Woke up to the news this morning that Newt is seriously thinking about running for President. The article called him a Georgia Republican but he left here a while back and the air improved dramatically. I have actually met him a couple of times and yes I shook his hand and mumbled something non inflammatory. It was in a business situation and the man who signs my paycheck is/was a GOP Bush/Newt supporter and was standing there. Newt has some pretty high negatives...very close to those of Cheney I think. However, you must admit that he is a perfect poster child for everything that makes a perfect Republican. No ethics, checkered past, monstrous ego and no sense of shame. This ought to be fun.

The other bad news is that I have to commute into the office again this morning for a couple of planning meetings. It really irritates me to waste two hours of my day in the round trip to the office. Yeah, I know it is only a 30 mile trip there and back but it takes two hours and that sucks. I think I read somewhere that Atlanta has the second worst traffic in the nation now. If I could take public transportation I would but it just isn't practical as it would take about 3 hours one way. I would have to go in town on MARTA and transfer to Cobb County transit to come back out to the perimeter. There is no direct east-west public transport outside of downtown and it really makes using public transport impossible. A light train that circles just outside the perimeter would be fabulous.

Anyhow, enjoy your Tuesday and I'll try and be back before supper.

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