Monday, September 10, 2007

One FU To Go...Hold The Lies

I have been trying to catch some of the Patraeus "testimony" before Congress this afternoon between actually trying to accomplish something constructive. I as far as I have been able to tell the gist of what he is saying is...

"The greatest military force in the world is sort of winning against a disorganized rabble of low life scum of the earth and while, yes, it has taken us over four years to be able to report perceptible progress (even though some would argue about progress at all) I really need another six months and 100 billion dollars and 600 or 700 more American lives and another 10,000 or so Iraqi lives to be able to decide how many more years and thousand of lives it will take to extricate ourselves from this clusterfuck created by Mr. Mission Accomplished Bring 'em On." (Mr. MABEO)

In other words...bend over and kiss your asses good bye 'cause we are in hell to stay and the Democratic Congress hasn't got enough balls to do anything about it. Pa-dum-pum!

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