Monday, September 17, 2007

Training This Week

May be a little quiet around here this week. I was informed over the weekend that I am going to be trained in a new product this week. Should be interesting as the new product is fully integrated with Google maps, internet weather and traffic information. All of this is used to schedule and route service technicians the most efficient way and still keep them within the limits imposed by service contracts. It integrates with the old product in helping bring a needed replacement part to the appropriate technician so it really an extension of what I already do. It runs of the same database and even uses the same UI just with additional screens. Looking forward to learning some the new geeky web stuff.

Probably won't hear much from me except at lunch or in the evening. Yes, I have to fight traffic as well this week. Arrgh! I do like getting up and walking down the hall to work.

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