Saturday, September 08, 2007

Not A Milestone

Updated below:

It's not a milestone birthday but today I turn 58. Nothing big planned. Looking back to 1967 when I turned 18 I never thought the world would be what it is today and I surely didn't think America would be where it is today. I and my peers were facing Viet Nam and even then I was thinking that this surely would be the last time young Americans would be faced with dying in a foreign land for nothing. I thought that the spiritual awakening I was experiencing personally and seeing in my generation would carry through and become a permanent part of the world. I guess I am still trying to figure out exactly where we went wrong. I suppose there is always the possibility that a turn toward compassion and love on a global scale will happen but it surely does try one's faith when we look at the world around us today. Nothing to do but to keep on trying to light the flame. There are some positive signs.


Update: Had a very nice birthday dinner at my daughter's house in Gainesville. Son in law did his usual good job with the grilled fish and veggies and we had some lovely tiny yellow potatoes roasted in the oven. I contributed a rustic apple tart in lieu of a cake and it too was pretty good. A very nice birthday indeed. Madam even surprised me with two stemless Riedel wine glasses which are exquisitely thin and sensuous. I even bought myself a birthday present in an antique shop near my daughter...a hand carved hardwood wooden dough bowl which I will christen tomorrow morning with buttermilk biscuits. All in all a good birthday.

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