Thursday, September 20, 2007

National Day of Mourning

This Friday, tomorrow September 21, tens of thousands of people, perhaps hundreds of thousands, will participate in the first Iraq Moratorium, a national day of locally organized opposition to the disastrous war and occupation of Iraq.

It is modeled after the great Vietnam Moratorium of October 15, 1969, when individuals in small groups and large, in cities small and large, joined millions of their fellow Americans across the nation to challenge a government policy of lies and delusion that had brought devastation and slaughter to Southeast Asia and the greatest turmoil at home since the Civil War.

You can do a much or as little as you feel necessary from civil disobedience to writing your local newspaper or posting something on your blog. If you do nothing else, wear a black armband to school, to work or wherever you go on Friday as silent testimony to your opposition to the war and occupation, to your mourning of its consequences and to your determination to help end it.

Friday the 21st is also the International Day of Peace which makes it doubly important that we do something positive to mark our opposition to the unjust war in Iraq.

If you have any good ideas for Friday please note them in the comments and regardless let us all know in the comments how you plan to join in the Iraq Moratorium and the International Day of Peace.

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