Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kilts and Parrots Day

Full day today for the FM and Madam. Noon is the start of a friend's "Highland Games" which means I get to dress up in my ancestral duds and try and remember to keep my knees together when I sit down. This friend has a big piece of property just north of here and each year throws his own Scottish games for a large group of friends. While only a few of us have the traditional dress it is still a good time. All of the "games" are wimped so that all us oldies can participate. There is a big buffet of traditional Scottish food but no haggis. Looks to be a glorious day and this will be a nice way to spend a fall afternoon.

Tonight is a fund raiser for a local historic home and this year the theme is "Cheeseburgers in Paradise". I have my Hawaiian shirt and white bucks all ready to go. I may even have a margarita with that cheeseburger. The event is held on the grounds of Bulloch Hall here in Roswell which this time of year means we will all have to be on the alert for falling Osage Oranges that are all over. They are big fruit and when falling from the height of these trees can put your lights out. Never have had an explanation as to why they were planted all over as the fruit is inedible and a mess. I have heard that they repel mosquitoes but I am not sure if that doubtful positive is worth the downside.

So it is a costume and party day for the FM. Tough job but someone has to have the fun.

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