Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Planet

While taking a quick break as my batch job runs, I run across this from Huffpo. It very clearly points out how very, very far apart the major camps in this country are. This kind of separation between the two primary parties indicates a deep and perverted lack of reality testing on the part of your average Republican. The global warming factoid at the bottom also points out their irrational fear of facts.

George Bush's Job Approval
CBS News: Democrats 12%. Independents 22%, Republicans 55%
Rasmussen: Democrats 11%, Independents 28%, Republicans 70%.
Gallup: Democrats 7%. Independents 26%, Republicans 60%

Disapproval of Bush's Job Performance
ARG: Democrats 95%. Independents 78%, Republicans 27%
CBS News: Democrats 87%. Independents 67%, Republicans 29%
Fox News: Democrats 82%. Independents 63%, Republicans 28%

Approval of Bush's Handling of the Economy
ARG: Democrats 1%, Independents 15%, Republicans 65%.

Respondents who say we should leave Iraq within a year of sooner:
Rasmussen: Democrats 89%, Independents 60%, Republicans 30%.

Respondents who say we should stay Iraq to complete the mission:
Rasmussen: Democrats 8%, Independents 34%, Republicans 66%.

I can't remember when I have seen such a disparity between the two major parties. Looking at the numbers shows you that Democrats and Independents are on the same page, mpore or less but Republicans are on a different planet. Literally. Less than half of all Republicans believe there is solid evidence of global warming, compared to 84% of Democrats and 75% of Independents, according to a recent Pew poll. Do you think we are so apart now that the rift will ever heal. Will this constant obstruction by the GOP be a part of politics in America forever?

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