Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Perspective on 120,000 Dead Children

I am as bad as everyone else in complaining about the price of gas and the price of food here in the U.S. but I really, really need to keep my perspective. This story on CNN about the drought and food crisis in Ethioipa should help us all keep a better and more realistic outlook when it comes to our challenges with the increased cost of living. When I dwell upon the reality we are seeing in Ethiopia and balance it against the the daily spending in Iraq I get so angry I want to tear up and cry. The World Food Programme is asking for a lousy $10 million dollars for emergency food supplies. The WPF supplies UNICEF with its emergency food.

Without this emergency food UNICEF estimates about 120,000 Ethiopian children under the age of five will die within the month and another 6 million are at risk of the same fate in the near term.

Here is the math that should guarantee Bush, Cheney and their whole evil clan a secure place in hell forever...

The World Food Programme needs a lousy $10,000,000(10 million bucks) for emergency food aid to offset the rising cost of food. Now to put that measly 10 mil into perspective let's check out the spending in Iraq...

Estimates are that we are spending $5,000 a second or $300,000 per minute or $18,000,000 per hour and yeah that comes out to $432,000,000 a day or $12,960,000,000 a month (that's 12.96 billion dollars).

Do you think it might be possible to lay off making the lives of millions of Iraqi miserable for about 33 and a half freaking minutes and send the money ($10,050,000) to the World Food Programme? Is that really too much to ask? I won't tell you how happy they would be if you could see your way clear to taking a day off. BTW it might help the morale of our boys and girls over there as well...double benefits...what are you waiting for?

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