Monday, May 12, 2008

Early Bird this Morning

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and Mother's Day. Kinda quiet here as I was up super early and on the road before the rest of Atlanta(or a good part of it) so I am here in Asheville well before lunch. Very windy here today. You could see the tractor trailers swaying with the gusts on the Highway and the people hauling travel trailers were really struggling. I would guess the gusts are hitting at least 50 mph.
Anyhow, safe and sound once again and actually earning my keep. Get to bill for a couple of extra hours today :-) so I had better start earning it.
I will do a better job here tonight from the hotel. Mother nature sure is keeping busy with cyclones, earthquakes, and volcanoes.
I mentioned in the comments on the previous post that I was going to bring a proper wine glass and a proper glass glass for the hotel room and had even made a special place in my camera case for more Styrofoam for me. Guesss what is sitting on my desk at home. Arrgh!

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