Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interior Design Fact

As most of you know I am traveling and in Augusta this week. I'm staying in a Hampton Inn which at some point in its life was some other type of hotel. It is one of the old fashioned "motels" with all the rooms facing out instead of in on a corridor. Classic motel room with the tiny bathroom etc. One thing I noticed this morning is that on the outside of the bathroom door is a full length mirror. If you leave the door open and are perched on the throne, so to speak, the view in the full length mirror is none to thrilling to say the least...at least if you are an overweight nearly sixty year old man. So anyway this is a note to anyone thinking about mounting a full length mirror on a bathroom door. Think about what you might see when the mirror is in all positions especially if it can face the toilet. You'll thank me.

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