Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Already!

Here it is Monday already and I feel like I just got home and now I am packing the car to head back to Asheville. The weekend just flew by. We got some more and much needed rain on Saturday but I still managed to get the gardening chores done.
I also spent many hours working on the wedding photos from a few weeks back and got them all cropped and fixed and CD's made for the new couple and their parents.
Another thing that took some time was downloading the newest North American data and maps from Garmin and updating the GPS with all the urban sprawl information. The download was a little over 2 Gig compressed and it took about 3 hours to transfer it to the unit. Still have to do the rest of the world but that is coming on CD in a few weeks.
Madam is still depressed over the Derby results. She was rooting for the filly Eight Belles and then to have her collapse at the finish with both front legs broken and then being immediately euthanized was a real shock and tragedy.
No time this morning to say hi to everyone personally but I will be back this evening after I am in the hotel. The client is making me stay at a Fairfield(Marriott) since they have a corporate rate and it is half the rate I paid last week at the Hampton...let's just hope it is not half as comfortable.
Anyhow, off to the wilds of North Carolina. Not a hard drive but the tough part is getting out of Atlanta and onto I-85. Coming home on Friday it took me 3 hours from Asheville to the northern border of Metro Atlanta and then another hour to get home. Arrgh!
Later folks.

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