Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Road Food

I just experienced something extremely rare in the world of eating out on the road. As you may know I am currently in Asheville, NC( well Fletcher, NC if you are being picky) and my previous experience here has been less than stellar.

Up until tonight when I discovered that a new Carrabba's Italian Grill was secreted away in the new shopping center across the road. Previously this week I have experienced complete disasters at Ruby Tuesdays and Chilis. Poor service , awful food, no positive response when I have politely commented that my food was crap.

Tonight was a total delight. I ordered from the daily special menu, which I am wont to do, and had a small calamari starter followed by the slow cooked beef short ribs over risotto. The calamari turned out too salty though well cooked and the I mentioned to the waiter that while it was well cooked it was too salty for my taste. Almost immediately the manager Josh came over to apologize and let me know it would be removed from the check. He also gave me a complimentary glass of wine and sat down to chat about why the calamari was too salty(the cook didn't stir the batter). He waited to make sure my main course was ok and even offered to replace the broccoli when I commented that I was in pretty much broccoli overload. Overall a very pleasant experience. It was exactly what a restaurant experience should be and Josh, through his graciousness, insured that over the next three months yours truly will regularly darken his door again. Chili's and Ruby Tuesday's have seen the last of me.

So if you happen to stop into Fletcher, NC at Exit 40 off I-26 and are looking for a very pleasant dining experience then I can highly recommend Carrabba's Italian Grill. Even if everything that comes out of the kitchen is not perfect the manager Josh will insure you are satisfied with your experience.

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