Monday, December 29, 2008

Better Than Switches

Today was the first day the sun was out since Christmas and I took the opportunity to get a couple of garden chores done. One of my 'gifts' this year was a big trash can full of horse manure. I could have gotten more but my daughter's husband has a new truck and he is not ready for it to be filled with poop just yet so I had to settle for a big can. It is now spread evenly across four compost piles of leaves...let the magic begin.

I also got four bags of shredded leaves which are now nestled in and around the garlic which has popped up in all this warm weather and is now about 4 inches tall.

If you have the lucky combination of a couple of horses and an organic gardening Dad you too will always have the perfect present when the need arises. I did ask for it BTW and it was much appreciated. Now I just need to figure out how to get more. My daughter passes nearby on her way to work every couple of days but she drives a Mini and for hauling manure they are crap!

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