Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seeds for Tomorrow

I am not ready yet for the obligatory year end post. I can't say that I can add anything to the dialogue already out there. I also haven't decided on whether 2008 was a hoorah or hellno.

Right now I am finalizing my seed orders. It may be a subconscious need to to affirm the possibilities for next year. The garden is stabilizing and nurturing. Besides the fresh food it gives you a chance to connect to the wonders of nature and renewable energy that is life. It makes me happy. This year I am not planting any hybrid seeds only open pollinating seeds that I can save some seed from and replant the next year. People will ask why ignore the hybrids? They are so vigorous and productive and resistant to disease. The answer is simple. You can't save the seed and I am not sure enough about the future to know that I won't need to have these seeds to continue the garden the next year. The other thing is that these heirloom seeds have passed the test of time. My ancestors and yours have carefully preserved them year to year and Mother Nature has tested them over and over and found them good. They are survivors and I want to cherish them and let them help me survive and in turn I will nurture them and their life giving genes for the next season.

So I am spending the last day of the year preparing for the future, both mine and the seeds. I may be back today to add my thoughts to the ether or I may not. If not, let me add that I appreciate all the time each of you has spent here and I wish you all the very best New Year.

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