Sunday, December 28, 2008

Israel Is Wrong

This latest attack in Gaza by Israel is just another example of what is wrong with the whole concept of a Jewish state. It was a mistake to take the Palestinian land in the first place and Israel's failure to reach a peaceful steady state with them is a tragedy. The U.S. should condemn this latest action and withdraw their support immediately. We cannot afford it anyway and especially the way our assistance is and has been used. The failure of Israel to act like a good citizen of the family of nations is shameful. I lost count somewhere of the number of U.N. resolutions Israel has ignored not to mention the Geneva Conventions which they have ignored as well. Yeah, the holocaust was a tragedy of epic proportions but one has to ask whether it justified taking away the Palestinian's country to create Israel or just made the tragedy that much worse.

Full disclosure: I lost some good friends on the USS Liberty and the whole incident made me reevaluate my feelings toward the existence of a Jewish homeland. The West never had the right to create the country in the first place and the behavior of the Israeli's ever since has more than justified this point of view.

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