Thursday, December 18, 2008

Details, Details

It is just amazing how many things have to be taken care of, changed or otherwise manipulated when you have a change in circumstance. Slowly chipping away at all of them and I think it is about done.
It is also interesting/depressing to realize, in hindsight, that all of your good intentions with respect to saving and investing for retirement were basically completely misguided. I would have been much better off today if I had just put all of that money into a savings account or even under the mattress. It is, however, nice to realize that being almost 60 some of the tax hits you can take for having to dip into an IRA go away. There are no penalties if you reach 59 and a half in the year you need to use them, just the normal taxes. Let's hope that is not necessary but you do have to assess your options in times like these.
I had lunch with my financial adviser yesterday and things could be a lot worse, though I am still not too happy with the condition of my IRA's.

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