Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nuts and Bolts

"Nuts and Bolts" is what my family has always called the holiday concoction found on the back of Chex cereal boxes and there called "Party Mix". Nuts and bolts came from the fact that the pretzel sticks and little square cereal looked like...well, nuts and bolts.

The daughter (AKA Minimonk) has, as always, requested a batch for Christmas. Her comment being "As long as there are "Nuts and Bolts" and mashed potatoes and gravy I'm good." This when quizzed about her desires for the Christmas dinner.

Anyhow, today is "Nuts and Bolts" day and since it turned out a bit rainy though warm I won't be missing any much needed yard work while I play with cereal. I don't know about you but if you follow the recipe on the box of cereal it comes out way too bland and unexciting. I usually double the recommended amount of seasoning and always put in extra Worcestershire and garlic and an extra dose of butter. No margarine please and none of those disgusting bagel chips. I'm a purist...the 3 cereals with extra wheat since they do the best job of soaking up flavor, mixed nuts with peanuts(lots) and little pretzel waffle thingies. Yeah, I know I am supposed to use sticks if it is nuts and bolts but the little waffle shapes are more compatible with the shape of the cereal. That's it.

Even though I make a double plus batch I always have left over cereal which won't be eaten on its own. I'll put the left over cereal out for the birds but even they are picky and will leave some. It is also nice that the Chex were on sale and included a coupon for $3 off when you bought all three. I won't feel too guilty about tossing the left overs to the birds.

Never can tell, since outside work is off the table, there might be some Christmas cookies in the offing as well.

Update: Added an after photo. This is what a triple batch looks like cooling on the kitchen table. That's a lot of snacking! Note: if you click on the picture it goes full screen. Hungry?

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