Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mountain Mama

Madam and I off off today for a quick trip to visit my Mom in far Western Virginia. If you don't get all the way into my Mom's driveway you are in West Virginia that's how close she is.
Anyhow a good 7 hour drive and the weather really sucks. Hopefully, we will be there and settled before the expected 3 inches of snow start coming down. You haven't had an adventure until you travel the 2o miles down Wolf Creek from I77 to Narrows in a good snow.
Taking a batch of Tuscan Bean Stew for the crowd as my brother and his wife are down from Maine as well so that is some of the reason for the timing. I also have some beautiful leeks and potatoes for a leek and potato soup.

Since I no longer have a laptop things will be silent here, so you guys will just have to amuse yourselves. Should be back sometime Sunday afternoon.

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