Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Candle...both Ends

Madam's surgery went OK on Monday and as of this afternoon she seems to be doing as well as can be expected with her new right knee. I spent the morning at the hospital and then the afternoon and evening at work. Minimonk took over at the hospital. Madam comes home tomorrow and Minimonk will do the honors there as well since I, once again, have to work(and yes I feel guilty about shoving this off on Minimonk but if I don't work I don't get paid and I am too new to have any sick or vacation time accrued). I'll be off the rest of the week and can do the nursing, at least until Saturday afternoon and then we'll have to figure it out.
Anyhow, working late and getting up early to get to the hospital and then working has me a little tired and a glass or two of wine will have me bedded down in short order and since Madam returns tomorrow I will have to spend extra time tomorrow morning before going to the hospital and then to work to get the bed made and everything titivated so she won't return to a messy house. Madam is a meticulous housekeeper and expects it to be properly maintained in her absence. I, on the other hand, am my mother's son and while I don't leave dirty clothes laying about and hang up my towels and do my dishes, I don't mind a little clutter which is not acceptable.
To top all this off...I didn't have the time to make me a (lunch/dinner) for work and I went and had a Wendy's burger for dinner(Wendy's shares the parking lot of my employer). Yes, it is bad food but as far as I can tell it is better than the other options immediately available which are the ubiquitous MickeyD's and Taco Bell. I said a little prayer to the Goddess for the suffering of the steer in the CAFO and pretended the the lettuce, onion and tomato were organic. There was no irrational option for the bun as the Goddess laughed and scrunched her nose and there was no way anyone could be convinced that the bun had any redeeming value whatsoever. Hey, the fries had the skin on and were seasoned with what was professed to be sea salt. I forbade my brain to acknowledge the fact that non organic potatoes are in the top ten for pesticide residues.

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