Monday, March 14, 2011


Yes I know I am MIA. Worked the weekend...closed Saturday night and then opened Sunday morning and closed again tonight. Tonight was the first night of our 'spring/summer' hours and we open at 6am and close at 10p instead of the regular 7a to 9p. I had two customers between 9 and 10. Don't forget that I am also helping Madam return to normal after her knee replacement last Monday. She is making good progress but I still have to pull her load for a while which means laundry, dishes, making beds, cooking, shopping and all the rest.
I have been trying to keep up with the news out of Japan. I have quite a few friends there and I have no word from them. Worry!
Did find time to go out this morning and get a new phone. I had a Samsung Impression which I hated. Horrible funtionality and the touch screen was a mess. No subtlety, no resolution ...nothing. The final straw was over the weekend when we "sprang forward" the damn thing  "sprang forward" all my calendar entries by an hour. IF I relied on the phone alone for getting me to work on time  I would have been screwed.
My new phone is the HTC Inspire 4G with the Android 2.2 opsys. It has so much functionality that I will be months learning it all.
That's all for tonight and I am off tomorrow...Hooray. Sleepy time.

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