Saturday, March 05, 2011

Thwarted - Partially

Today my first attempt at homemade bacon and pancetta is supposed to come to fruition. The pork bellies have cured in the their respective cures for a week. The bacon needs to be smoked but it is raining so I am just going to have to wash off the cure and keep it chilled until the first clear day I'm not working. The pancetta however will be hung to dry for a couple of weeks today. It will be washed of cure, peppered and tightly rolled and tied and hung in the basement to dry a bit. I will try some "undried" today however just to understand and know what it tastes like right out of the cure. Just a simple dish of pasta with bacon, garlic and onion. I'll take a couple of pictures a bit later after I get it all done.

As a side note I am also off to find a meat grinding attachment for my big Kitchen Aid today. I'll try Bad Breath and Beyond first before I travel all the way to Cook's Warehouse and let's hope I don't wind up having to buy it at Williams-Sonoma. I need a meat grinder for my attempt at pepperoni and dry salami but I don't want to spend a fortune. Ideally I would like a grinder and a separate sausage stuffer but I think budget constraints will limit me to a combo deal.

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