Monday, March 28, 2011

RIP Joe Bageant

Updated below.

The world has lost a great one. One of the great writers and a damn fine socialist to boot. After reading his first book Deer Hunting with Jesus I knew I had found a kindred spirit. It didn't hurt that he hailed from the same neck of hillbilly hills that I did. Bye Joe and if you run into Molly Ivins wherever you are give her a big hug.

After a vibrant life, Joe Bageant died yesterday following a four-month struggle with cancer. He was 64. Joe is survived by his wife, Barbara, his three children, Timothy, Patrick and Elizabeth, and thousands of friends and admirers. He is also survived by his work and ideas.

According to Joe's wishes, he will be cremated. His family will hold a private memorial service.

I just got home from the part time/full time job and decided that I needed to have a stiff drink and toast Joe. When I read Deer Hunting With Jesus" I identified intellectually with a lot he had to say but at the time I was still doing the 6 figure gig and the resonance was truly intellectual. Now that I have been to the punching the clock thing for barely over minimum wage lot more of Joe's thinking is a bit more emotionally resonant. So, here's to you Joe and thanks for the kick in the head.

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