Saturday, March 26, 2011

Port and Starboard

The shift schedule for the last few days is very much like the old maximum alert days in the Navy(12 hours on 12 hours off or what is known as "port and starboard"). The planned part time job has turned into effectively full time with more or less 12 hours between shifts. I worked 10a to 7p today and tomorrow brings a store meeting which starts at 6am and I then work until 3pm. No time for anything but a minimum of sleep and some half assed food. Tonight I suffered through a Stouffer's lasagna off all things and yes my ovens are still not fixed. Could be worse as it appears to made with real food...mostly. Off to bed with a 330am wakeup and it is pretty much the same until Thursday. What I do for medical benefits and with this schedule I'll need them. Not much time for anything but some sleep and "les toilet" or as we used to say in the Navy "shit, shower and shave".
I am off to bed and the future holds a brutally strong cup of coffee and another day of selling Chinese made stuff to the proles. Ain't we got fun! The only high point is that the weather is lousy with thunderstorms and rain so I might as well be working.
And another thing....I am all the time preaching about organic and natural but I am spending 8 plus hours a day selling Roundup, pesticides. pre-emergents, weed killers and Goddess knows what else to nice people. I think, that if there is one, I shall spend eternity visiting all my friends in hell.

Did I mention that most people are nice enough when you are nice to them but there is a small  percentage that are real pieces of work. I got chewed out today big time by a customer because he was upset that his store furnished electric cart/wheel chair quit before he'd finished shopping and he had to wait for us to bring him another. He actually left all his merchandise in the cart and left the store. The real kicker is that he wasn't even disabled as he had no problem walking out of the store in a huff under his own power. It really pissed me off as you can tell.

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