Thursday, March 03, 2011

Working, Working

I know I have been scarce around these parts but I've worked 7 days straight. I thought I had off until Sunday but they just called me to work tomorrow for 6 hours. I guess I should be glad for the hours but I am losing ground on my home stuff.
Madam decided to clean the oven a couple of days ago with the self clean's clean but it won't unlock. Been through all the possible fixes like turning off the breaker for 15 minutes and allowing it to reset but all it continues to say is "Unlocking the door" She only cleaned the top oven but since both ovens share the same controls it means the bottom oven is kaput as well. No baking around here until next week at best which is the first available time for a repair guy. I'm going to have to buy 'store bread'.
All the tomatoes have sprouted in the greenhouse so we are on a way to spring. Peppers are not showing yet but they are always slow to get going. I used last years seeds for the cabbage and broccoli and got almost no germination and I am still waiting for more seeds from Parks.
Madam goes for her knee replacement surgery on Monday so I will be sharing the nursing chores with Minimonk next week. Just a partial replacement but the recovery is supposed to be tough.
Lots of catching up to do with everything. I try and get a glance at the paper and hit the high spots on the web but it really takes a few hours a day to get a good handle on everything. I'm resting today mostly so I may have more to say on things in a bit.

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