Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tilling Day

Finally! A day off, good weather, and a dry  garden. I can till up the garden and get all the leaves and compost turned over in preparation for planing. All the plants are ready in the greenhouse with the exception of the eggplant and okra but I should be planting tomatoes and peppers within the next few weeks. I got all of my small beds done yesterday and the big garden is today.
I still have cabbage, turnips and leeks which wintered over. I guess I'll just pick it all and haul it into work tomorrow and see if anyone wants it. I gave Madam's physical therapist who has been coming by since her surgery some leeks and cabbage and she rewarded me with homemade dolmades and spanokopita. Needless to say she is Greek and the Greeks know what to do with fresh veges.
Anyway I am off to get petrol for the tiller and get to work.

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